About Leroy

“I think I’ve found my niche,” says Leroy Esparza on his arrival as bajosexto/guitar player for two-time GRAMMY Award winner Sunny Sauceda (Tejas Records).

With his recent move to Tejas Records Recording Artist Sunny Sauceda, the guitar slinger pushes the limits of bajosexto and guitar on Sunny’s highly anticipated sophomore effort, VAGAR LIBREMENTE (2007).

“I’d been dying to put some ideas down on record for years, but they hadn’t found the right home yet. Then Sunny came along, and said, ‘Go for it!’ I knew then, it was going to be the adventure of a lifetime.”

VAGAR LIBREMENTE marks the fourth album Esparza has had the opportunity of working on following his successful three-year run with BMI Latin, Billboard Latin Music Award Winner, Elida Reyna. Leroy Esparza collaborated with Elida on such albums as DUELE: GREATEST HITS PLUS ONE (Tejas Records, 2004), recording and co-arranging the smash hit single, “Ya No”.

Leroy Esparza continued his efforts with Elida on her successful follow-up album SI ME QUIERES (Tejas Records, 2005), recording the entire album with various and eclectic guitar work (classical, electric, and acoustic), and bajosexto. With Elida’s band (Los Chuntees), Esparza co-arranged three tracks with Los Chuntees: “Mentirosa” (available above), “Manos Vacias”, and the star single “Vas A Ver” originally recorded by Ramon Ayala.

With the success and versatility on these two albums, Leroy Esparza continued to make his presence known by recording, co-arranging, and NOW co-producing two songs with Elida Reyna (credited with Los Chuntees) on 2006 GRAMMY nominated self-titled album, LAS 3 DIVAS (Tejas Records).

The range and capacity Esparza was able to bring on guitar to this album is felt. The first song, “La Vida Es Un Carnival” (available above) a tribute to the late great Celia Cruz, allowed Esparza to bring scope and depth to the guitar on a song not recognized for the instrument, and the second song “Ese Hombre” a homage to La India (La Princesa de la Salsa).

In June 2006, Leroy Esparza had the pleasure of touring with GRAMMY Award winner Rebecca Valadez, and in August of 2006 Esparza got the call to join Two-Time GRAMMY Award winner Sunny Sauceda on what would be “the adventure of a lifetime”.

Performing with Sunny Sauceda in different countries and across the continent, Leroy has brought the sounds of the guitar and bajosexto to music lovers everywhere.

“Working with Sunny has allowed me to come up with creative guitar riffs, that are unbound with versatility. I couldn’t be happier. Its like he says, ‘Go that way. I don’t care how you get there…just get there.’ And I smile. I’m able to roam free.” And rightly so…

In April 2007, Leroy Esparza in collaboration with Sunny Sauceda, Pete Gutierrez (bass), and Jeremy Espinoza (drums) recorded, co-arranged, and co-produced VAGAR LIBREMENTE (Tejas Records, 2007). The highly anticipated sophomore effort for Tejas Recording Artist: Sunny Sauceda.

On VAGAR LIBREMENTE, Esparza was able to incorporate heartbreaking nylon acoustic melody on the breathtaking ballad “Dejame Vivir Mi Vida” (available above), to jaw dropping, unheard of octave bajosexto arrangements for the single “El Pipiripau” (available above), and rhythmic exquisiteness with a wah-wah powered guitar solo on the electric for the social conscious piece “Toda La Raza” (available above).

With the versatility, and creativeness Leroy Esparza brings to the table its no wonder he is a rising arranger, musician, and producer to be reckoned with.

In June 2007, Leroy Esparza filmed a television commercial with Sunny Sauceda for ROOMS TO GO ‘America’s #1 Independent Furniture Company’, resulting with the commercial being broadcast all over Texas, in such cities as Austin, Dallas, and San Antonio.

On December 6, 2007 Leroy Esparza in collaboration with Sunny Sauceda was recognized with a GRAMMY nomination (Best Tejano Album) by The Recording Academy for his work on Sunny’s album VAGAR LIBREMENTE.

“When Sunny told me we, (Sunny Sauceda, Jeremy Espinoza, Pete Gutierrez, and Leroy Esparza), were nominated for a GRAMMY…I just couldn’t believe it. I couldn’t sit down for an hour. I was too excited.”

“It felt like we, as a group, had finally arrived to dominate the Tejano industry. There’s nothing we can’t do, or place we can’t go. Watch out…here we come.”